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Well its goes like this a weazy developer¬† with cup Tea and a pack of Classic Mild. well i take off from saturday to¬† enjoy my free time exploring some crazy stuff arround my locality or in a new place with my bike. untill its monday i will suit up to corporate look. Although i regard them as shit. well all this happens to me because when i step into many MNC and won’t find a suitable job for ME. its because although i own a pride of iPhone but a kinda of Crazy fan of Steve Jobs. well in techie life i took arround 5 years of gap to explore the hippies and chil’in out with them was one best part of my life. which took to world of Psychedalic Art and Trance well kind of normal shit well its none of my probs. now don’t take abnormal. i would like to call my self as Sarcastic.