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My First day to college!!!

Fresh friday me greared up to my new Engg. College “Mangalore Institute Of Technology & Engineering”(MITE) It at 7:00 am, suddenly a text from a senoir and also a friend. today we don’t have college because a student commited suicide last night. afterall hering this i wnt to bus stop with an excitement, then i  got into college buss. The bus was goin was n the way to college enjoy the funny convertions with the senoirs.

   OH!!! suddenly Bus stop when we got down from bus found the bus from same our college have met an minor accident. the road was completly blocked.then a another bus from college had came to take us to the college. however when reaching the college was bit nerves about ragging. but din’t found the incident like that
   When i went inside college dey declard holiday…me came back home without entering classroom itself,
it was one of ma Wonderfull Experiencein ma life…

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